Expanded Metal Group was created due to growing production capacities where flexible planning combined with number of production lines allowed us to expand rapidly. As a group we are committed to providing you with a quality product and excellent customer service.

The manufactory plant is under name of F.P.U.H Netex Pol and their warehouses are located both in Poland and Hungary. Therefore in Hungary customer service department has been established that is ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you have Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM. Thanks to the geographic settlement, experience and flexibilities you won´t be neither disappointed nor quality wise or price-wise. We care about our customers and tailor-made their wishes.

Expanded metal is our main product for over 20 years. Today is the second generation that continues to produce the expanded metal. We design and manufacture tools, dies and machinery to produce expanded metal which gives us the flexibility to adapt to customer needs. We keep in stock about 200 types of expanded metal with different mesh widths, thickness in different types of materials. Additionally different mesh size can be produce to meet your requirements.

The expanded metal as a standard is delivered in coils or flat in sheets. Due to reduction of the transport cost and nature of the product we recommend shipping in coils. The expanded metal is specially prepared for shipping, passing through the straightened tool is coiled and packaged accordingly so that after the treatment while unpacking will not deform or automatically roll back.

Of course some of the mesh can be sent only flat in given sheet size. In this case the ready product is placed flat on wooden pallets.

We do NOT charge any extra fees for cutting the expanded metal. Therefore the price is calculated per m2 e.g. 0.333mm x 0.333mm x price per m2.

We do guarantee timely delivery by own transport or via freight forwarding partners worldwide.